Street photography

Author: Miro

Declining population in Japan is a problem the government has been trying to solve for some time now. It hasn’t been very successful though. The prime minister Fumio Kishida said in 2023:

“Our nation is on the cusp of whether it can maintain its societal functions.”

Many other countries are facing the same challenge of falling birthrate, for example, neighboring South Korea ranking no. 1.

I put together a sequence called kōreishya (高齢者/こうれいしゃ) - which literally means a person of old age or elderly. During our 3 week stay we visited the cities and remote countryside capturing the inhabitants, local pristine nature, and historically rich places full of tradition. Will the politicians and local people revert not-so-bright-looking future and save the treasures Japan possesses?

Check out the movie Plan75, which we watched on a plane from Tokyo to ponder about this issue.