Published: 12/12/2020
Author: Saturn9 photohraphy

2 experimental Soviet movies from 1929

that will leave you fascinated

We have for you 2 movie recommendations that you can watch for free on Youtube. Both movies are produced by Kaufman brothers, born in Soviet Białystok (now Poland) into a family of Jewish intellectuals.

Noom Peerapong

Unsplash: Noom Peerapong

Man with a movie camera

A movie directed by Dziga Vertov (born David Abelevich Kaufman) is an experimental soviet documentary movie. It was shot in 4 different Soviet cities, it has no actors, no scenario and it documents everyday life of people in that era. Vertov invented and employed various cinematic techniques that you can see in the movie such as multiple exposure, split screens, fast motion and more. The movie linked below is accompanied by Cinematic orchestra great soundtrack, which makes it easier to watch

Man with a movie camera

In spring

Mikhail Kaufman was the younger brother of Dziga (together with Boris, the youngest brother). Mikhail cooperated with Dziga and can be actually seen in his movie as a cameo in “Man with a movie camera”. However there were creative differences between them and Mikhail then decided to create his own independent, silent experimental documentary, that you can watch below.

in spring

We are curious to hear which one you like better and why 😊